Annual General Meeting 2012


Date: Tuesday 29th May
Time: 09:00 pm
Venue: Ballyroan Boys School

On behalf of the outgoing Chairperson (Maurice Carney) and Vice-Chair (Peter Wall) we’d like to thank everyone who has so selflessly contributed to the residents association over the last two and a half years – be that as committee members or volunteers

Bearing in mind its limited resources and the voluntary nature , in that time I think a lot was achieved.
• The Sports and Community days
• The multiple Clean Up days
• The successful challenges to Dublin Bus route changes
• The revised Web Site (
• The very successful Focus Ireland toy appeal
• The various Planting Projects
• Neighbourhood Watch (to be discussed on the night of the AGM)

Apart from the items above we have kept up vital lines of communication between ourselves and the local council/politicians. This background work is very important when it comes to effectively facing local challenges (be they big or small).

For the continued success of the Residents Association we need new committee members and volunteers to fill the spaces of those who are departing. If no one is forthcoming at the AGM the association is in danger of being wound up.Please take a little time out and attend your AGM on Tuesday the 29th of May 2012 in Ballyroan Boys school (just off the Ballyroan Road).

Some of the opinions expressed by our local representatives as to the benefits of having a residents association

“In my long experience as a councillor for Rathfarnham, I can testify to the fact that well-organised Residents’ Associations make more demands of their councillors and their council. As a result their estates tend to reap the benefits in terms of maintenance and in terms of response from Council departments, by virtue of the fact that contacts have been made and relationships have been formed between residents and the council.
A strong resident’s association guarantees a voice and ensures action.”

John Lahart (Councillor, South County Dublin )

“An engaged residents’ association plays a vital role in empowering local communities. Active citizenship is the foundation of our democracy and associations like Boden Park’s help to harness the creativity and tenacity of the local community at its best, and provide an invaluable service.”

Shane Ross TD (Dublin South)

“Residents associations are vital in representing and communicating residents’ opinions to local public representatives and the county council. I know from my own work that residents associations are a vital source of information in keeping me informed of on-going issues and I know that they carry out a huge amount of often unseen work on behalf of their residents. A strong residents association ensures that the opinions, concerns and suggestions of residents are heard and are communicated in a strong, unified way. I wish Boden Park Residents Association all the best in the year ahead.”

Olivia Mitchell TD (Dublin South)

“I believe that a strong residence association imbues the spirit of community in the neighbourhood. It increases mutual benefit to people in the community.”

Peter Mathews TD (Dublin South)

“I have a long record of involvement with and assisting Residents Associations throughout Dublin South. We all benefit from the work of Residents Associations. Whether it is organising a sports day, a clean up day or letting the Council know how you feel about local services – from the flowers they plant to local sports facilities. Your Residents Association also plays an important role in highlighting and resolving issues of relevance to the estate in which you live and in liaising with your local TDs and Councillors.
Getting involved in Residents Associations is simple and has real rewards. I am happy to support Boden Park Residents Association by encouraging you to do so.”

Alan Shatter TD (Dublin South)

“A strong residents association is a way for neighbours and residents of an area to have strong links within the place they have decided to live. Residents benefit from a strong community spirit, a knowledge that fellow residents have an interest in keeping this location safe, pleasant to live in and provides a forum for broader discussions as and when the necessity arises.”

Emma Coburn (Councillor, South County Dublin )

“All of us aspire to live in strong, vibrant communities where a cohesive strength of our social solidarity can meet the challenges of our shared common goals. Boden Park and its Residents’ Association has always been a shining example of such a community purpose – identifying needs, building strong communications links and fostering relations across the community with various stakeholders who can affect change. I commend the efforts of the Committee and urge all those within the area to get involved and together let us shape a better community.”

Alex White TD (Dublin South)