Bags, Rakes and Leaves

This coming Saturday 22nd November a crew is being organised to finish off the work at the Scholarstown entrance and get the leaves bagged for collection. Peter Wall will be there with plenty of bags from 1 pm. Bring gloves, a brush and/or a rake or just yourself (!) and chip in with the effort. It would be great to see you on the day. No matter how limited the time you can spare, it will be greatly appreciated by your fellow volunteers and leave the entrance shipshape for winter.

We hope to see you on Saturday.

Great turn out for Landscaping & cleanup event

Hi all – we had terrific turnout at the weekend and got a huge amount of work done in Boden Park;

  • The walkway to Ballyboden Way was swept clean and the hedges were pruned.
  • The hedge at The Drive was cut back, greatly improving visibility at what was a previously dangerous corner.
  • The higher green hedging on The Drive was also pruned.
  • A huge amount of scrub at the river was cleared, greatly improving the area as an amenity.
  • Litter was picked throughout the estate.

Sincere thanks to all of you who turned out.

Clean Up Day Saturday 15th November

On this coming Saturday 15th Nov, it is planned to undertake the following:

  1. Cut back the hedge bordering the Drive and Boden Heath (after many requests from Drive and Rise residents).
  2. Cut back and tidy the river area (at the end of the Rise).
  3. Sweep leaves from entrance paths and onto the road – to enable the council sweep them from the road.
  4. Clear leaves at the pathway leading to Ballyboden Way.

Getting the above jobs done will depend on how many volunteers show up on the day. Work will start from 12 noon and continue through the afternoon – join in when you can.  Please don’t underestimate how important your contribution will be – it really is a case of many hands making light work. It will be hard work, good fun and ultimately very rewarding.
We will have a number of hedgecutters and shredders hired but please also bring any garden implements you might have.
Looking forward to seeing you there on Saturday!!